Wir freuen uns sehr, dass unser TASTEie Vito von unserer amerikanischen Partnerorganisation CHI (Cultural Homestay International) zum Schüler des Monats gewählt wurde!

🤩 Herzlichen Glückwunsch Vito! 🥳

CHI schreibt:

We’re thrilled to announce our first-ever Student of the Month, Vito from Germany! Currently, Vito is experiencing his exchange year with the Hagemeister family in Indiana. Let’s hear what Vito’s Academic Coordinator, Tasha, had to say about him: “Vito is an ideal exchange student. He is very thankful for everything his host family does for him. He joined the school football team, where he became the star kicker. Every month, when talking to Vito, he is always so excited to share what he has done. He lives every day to the fullest and always says “yes” to trying something new. Vito is very well-balanced between his family and friends. He spends time playing with his host siblings, chatting with his host family, and helping around the house. Vito is teaching his host family a lot about his culture and even some German words. He really loves football now and hopes to come back to America and play at a university.”