Prom Queen in Illinois

April is over and it ended with an amazing time at Prom!

I was excited for more than 1 week and then yesterday it was finally the day. My hair and make-up appointment was at 8 o’clock. After my hair appointment I went back home to get my dress on and after that everybody went to the church to take pictures. In a group of 12 people I went to Terra Haut to eat at Red Lobster. When we arrived back we switched cars and drove to the Junior High School where our Prom was. Me and my date took some pictures together and then coronation started. I was one of the candidates and I am so happy to say that I am the Oblong Prom Queen 2016! I am so excited about that. The King and me took some pictures together and then we danced together. And then the danced started and we danced till 11. After-Prom was at a church in Robinson where we hung out together. The highlight of the night was the hypnotist. It was amazing how he did it and it was so funny. I had a great and memorable time at my Prom!!

Rosa in Willow Hill, Illinois