Living in Michigan

Hello TASTE-Team,

How are you? I’m fine. It is still great here in Michigan. Everything is awesome. My host family, school, and my friends. Now I am here for about 2 1/2 months and I love it. The school is great and easy. The first marking period is over and I only got A’s and one B in History.

This weekend was my fall formal. It was the best night I had here. I had a red long dress, strapless. 20 students with their family came to my house to take pictures. It was really crowded. Then we drove to a Country Club, where we rented a room, and had dinner. Pasta, Chicken, Potatoes, Salad and Ice Cream. After the dinner, we drove to the school. My school was decorated with a lot of trees and leaves, because it was a Fall Formal. Normally, the formal is in winter, but it is always so cold, that they changed it to fall. I had an amazing time. The music was a bit bad at the beginning, just the end was really good. We danced a lot.

I also had a date. The ways, the boys asked the girls were so cute. A lot of boys carved in a pumpkin: “Formal?” My date came with flowers to school and he asked me in German. He went to the German teacher and asked for help. This teacher is my History and Seminar teacher and he asked me, if everything was right. I think it was really cute.

Halloween is over, too. I met my friends and we went around the neighborhood, even if we’re a bit too old for it. I was a pirate. We all wanted to go as princesses, but id didn’t work. One of my friends was a bee, another one was a belly dancer. After we went “Trick or Treat”, we went to a friends house and watched a horror movie. Some girls and me, we stayed at her house for the night, talking and having fun. The next morning, everyone was really tired so we had taken a nap after we went home.

I have a great time here. The school spirit is so great. So different from my German school. Everyone is a Mustang and belongs to Portage Central High School. My school colors are Blue and Gold. I got a PC shirt and I wear it at the Games.

I’m glad that I decided to come to the U.S. I won’t regret it. You get to know so many new people and a whole new life starts. It is wonderful. Thanks to give me the chance to be here.

Yours Nina